Exotic Substrates

Exotic substrate materials are truly a designers dream. From high end aramid and carbon fibers to composite combinations of different materials including thermoplastics, metals and ceramics, these materials can be tailor made to meet the specific demands of an application.


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Epoxy resin are very diverse and are often used where electrical insulation and a tough resin system are required.


Phenolic resins are very versatile in their applications and are typically lower cost when compared to epoxy based systems.


Melamine resin is very hard and has excellent track resistance.

Other Resins

Specality resins and co-polymer combinations.



Norplex-Micarta tubes are available with Inner Diameters ranging between 0.093” -  48” and wall thicknesses ranging from 0.031” – 5.000”.


Pre-preg is a smei-cured product avaible up to 48" wide and in various roll lengths as well as cut into sheets.


Flat sheet stock in thickness from 0.010 inches to over 8 inches and maximum width of 48 inches, maximum length of 120 inches.