Railroad and Subway Supports

Electrified rail systems require insulaiton that can provide significant uptime. Norplex-Micarta materials are often selected for these applications.


MC507U consists of multiple plies of woven fiberglass impregnated with silicone resin and laminated under heat and pressure to produce a high temperature thermoset composite.


MC511A (NEMA G-11) is a high performance thermoset epoxy fiberglass composite that provides higher strength than MC511AF.


MC511AF (NEMA G-11) is a high strength medium weight fiberglass epoxy resin composite that offers excellent physical, mechanical, and electrical properties at both room temperature and elevated temperatures.


NP500A (NEMA G-10) is a glass fabric combined with a halogen-free epoxy resin system.


NP511 (NEMA G-11) combines a woven glass fabric and a high temperature epoxy resin system (Tg over 180°C) that is non-brominated.