Braking System

Norplex-Micarta materials provide excellent thermal insualtion for disk braking system in aircraft and heavy truck vehicles. Disk brake generate a great amount of heat and thermal insulation component is required to isolate hot disk from the tire and strut frame that leads into the aircraft or vehicle. This insulation component must also withstand extreme compressive force of up to 10,000 psi when the disk and whell are bolted togeather during installation as well as every time the braking system is inspected or repaired. The shaft of braking sytem can also be insulated with a thermoset composite tube to isolate it from the tire. This tube must withstand the same high-temperature and compressive forces and disk brake.


NP572 (NEMA G-11) is a high strength medium weight glass epoxy composite that offers excellent physical, mechanical, and electrical properties at both room temperature and elevated temperatures.


NP639 is an economical paper-reinforced laminate that can withstand temperatures up to 150°C without blistering.


P95 consists of woven glass fabric with polyimide resin.