Transformer, Tap Changers

Tap Changers come in many styles. All require good insulation to work properly for many years. Norplex-Micarta has a specific line of materials designed for this application that improve the track resistance when compared with alternate material construciton.


CJ845 is constructed of a woven glass fabric combined with a high temperature, easy machining epoxy resin. It is engineered to provide NEMA FR-5 or EPGC IEC204 properties.


Know for its arc/track resistance, HP563 also has excellent flame resistance and low smoke generation.


NP509 (NEMA G-9) consists of woven glass fabric combined with a melamine resin system.


NP613 is constructed from electrical grade of kraft paper and a specially modified thermoset epoxy resin system.


NP630 (NEMA XXX) is a machining grade with very good electrical properties and excellent resistance to moisture and splitting.


NP643 is a thermoset material constructed from electrical grade kraft paper and a specially modified high temperature epoxy resin system.


It is composed of cellulosic paper reinforcement combined with a phenolic resin system.