Norplex-Micarta provides a variety of high performance thermoset composite materials in sheet, tube, rod, and pre-preg forms, and has the ability to manufacture compression molded parts. These composites provide excellent mechanical strength, structural support, and durability
at frigid temperatures while in flight at 35,000 feet and from the extreme heat produced by braking an aircraft after landing. Each manufactured component can withstand the initial impact force of installation, as well as the repeated stress of inspections and repairs. They exhibit excellent compressive, shear, tensile, and flexural strength to withstand the rigors
of take-off, flight, and landing operations.

These lightweight, cost effective thermoset composite materials are used to successfully enhance the performance of commercial aircraft. Norplex-Micarta materials also offer ease of handling, which can result in substantial savings in fabrication and assembly operations without sacrificing performance.

Norplex also offers materials commonly used on space missions, such as thermal and electrical rigid insulation materials.  Materials have been tested to NASA standards for outgassing requirements.

Braking System

Thermal insulation components are required to isolate the hot disk from the tire and strut frame that leads into the aircraft.

Honeycomb Floor and Wall Structures

Pre-preg material is used to manufacture the honeycomb floor structure between passenger and luggage compartments, as well as in the bulkheads of service areas. Low burn and toxicity characteristics minimize danger to passengers and crew in the event of a fire or explosion. 

Window Frames

Norplex-Micarta high performance composites are used as window frame supports for the cockpit and passenger compartments.