It consists of multiple plies of heavy-weight canvas cloth saturated with phenolic resin system, modified with molybdenum disulfide, which provides internal lubrication to reduce frictional heat generation and wear of metal shafts on the bearing. The pre-preg (b-stage) plies are then laminated under heat and pressure to produce a thermoset composite material. BR60 laminates offer load-bearing capacities equivalent to those of brass and bronze, but will not seize to metal shafts, speeding up bearing replacement and reducing equipment downtime. Compared to thermoplastics, BR60 provides superior load-bearing properties and has a Coefficient of Thermal Expansion that more closely matches the CTE of metal shafts. BR60 is used to make water-cooled propeller stave bearings on ships. In addition, steel and aluminum rolling mills prefer BR60 bearings because they last longer than metal and thermoplastic bearings in many applications and can be replaced quickly during overhauls.