Heavy Industry

Norplex-Micarta uses various resin and substrate combinations that allow thermal and mechanical performance to be tailored to specific heavy industry applications. Cloth reinforcement provides high strength without the tool wear produced by fiberglass or metal. And unlike most thermoplastics, thermoset resins provide superior thermal resistance, enabling them to withstand high temperatures created by cutting tools without breaking down, burning, or gumming up tool-cutting surfaces. Norplex-Micarta’s products have electrical insulation, thermal insulation, and thermal resistance properties, making them ideal for various applications including industrial gaskets and high temperature gaskets.

Compared to metal options, thermosets cost less and provide wear resistance, electrical insulation, and thermal insulation not offered by metal materials. They can also increase machining speeds, thereby boosting the productivity for fabricators of these product lines.

Norplex-Micarta materials come in variations ranging from thin gauges to sheets 12 inches thick. Some types can be punched using cold punching dies, while others can be machined with normal metalworking tools. Applications include high temperature gaskets, industrial gaskets, bearings, washer/bolt/flange insulation components, cryogenic insulation components, and other specialty components.


Thermoset composites are used to replace metal bearing to eliminate bonding that occurs between metal bearings and shaft under extreme heat and pressure.

Cryogenic Insulation and Support

Norplex-Micarta high performance materials are used for both insulation and structural support in cryogenic environments ranging from room temperature down to near absolute zero (-273ºC) 

Gears, Rollers, Pulleys

Norplex-Micarta thermoset composite materials can be used as metal replacement in gears, rollers and pulleys to reduce wear on other components, reduce noise, and provide a material that is compatable with explosion proof environment requriements.

Motor, Compressor, Vane

Materials developed for these demanding applicaitons.

Washer, Bolt and Flange Insulation

Norplex-Micarta thermoset composite materials are ideal for insulation between metal structural components.

Other Wear Parts

General applicaitons.