Thermoset Composites are produced in many different forms. End users select the different form to vary different properties or to make the manufacturing of the end compoent more convienient.


Flat sheet stock in thickness from 0.010 inches to over 8 inches and maximum width of 48 inches, maximum length of 120 inches.


Norplex-Micarta rods are available in diameters from .187” – 5.00”


Norplex-Micarta tubes are available with Inner Diameters ranging between 0.093” -  48” and wall thicknesses ranging from 0.031” – 5.000”.


Pre-preg is a smei-cured product avaible up to 48" wide and in various roll lengths as well as cut into sheets.

Other Shapes

Norplex-Micarta also provides various molded shapes.