The transportation industry is continually looking for ways to boost reliability while reducing component cost and weight. These objectives can be met by replacing metal or cast components with thermoset composite materials from Norplex-Micarta.

Norplex-Micarta high performance thermosets also provide advantages such as sound deadening, corrosion resistance, structural strength and electrical insulation, thermal insulation, and thermal resistance.

Some of Norplex-Micarta's high abrasion and temperature resistant products can replace friction materials normally found in engine-clutch and braking systems. Thermoset sheets manufactured with special phenolic resin systems provide low smoke and non-toxic emissions for use in passenger compartments, and include pre-preg materials which can be molded into various shapes for cargo containers, storage compartments, and interior compartment liners.


Thermoset composites are used to replace metal bearing to eliminate bonding that occurs between metal bearings and shaft under extreme heat and pressure.

Braking System

Norplex-Micarta materials provide excellent thermal insualtion for disk braking system in aircraft and heavy truck vehicles.

Railroad and Subway Supports

Various materials for use in rail and subway support in applicaitons like 3rd rail and low clearnance overhead applicaitons.

Windows Frames

Aircraft window frame supports.