Oil & Gas

Norplex-Micarta products are suitable for pipeline gasket and pipe shoe support components of large-diameter piping transport systems. Thermoset composite materials are also used in piping for cryogenic insulation and support, and in cryogenic storage vessel and LNG carrier designs for thermal isolation.


In oil and gas structures, Norplex-Micarta fabric-reinforced materials provide excellent impact resistance along surfaces that may experience force applications. Thermoset materials can also be designed to resist moisture or chemicals for long life in corrosive or wet environments or where galvanic concerns need attention. Materials are available in sheet form or in tubes up to 48 inches in diameter and 48 inches long.


For high- and low-temperature applications, a disk of Norplex-Micarta composite material is placed between the two flanges of connecting pipeline sections, separating the metal when sections are bolted together.

Pipeline Supports

Norplex-Micarta materials are used to insulate the pipeline from the support structure, both of which are typically made of steel.