Blocking materials are used for slot insulation in both the stator and rotor. The products have the unique ability to provide both electrical insulation and thermal resistance, as well as provide mechanical support in high temperature generators.



CJ885NB is constructed of a woven glass fabric combined with a high temperature, easy machining epoxy resin. It is engineered to provide NEMA G-11 or EPGC IEC203 properties.


MC511A (NEMA G-11) is a high performance thermoset epoxy fiberglass composite that provides higher strength than MC511AF.


MC511AF (NEMA G-11) is a high strength medium weight fiberglass epoxy resin composite that offers excellent physical, mechanical, and electrical properties at both room temperature and elevated temperatures.


NP500A (NEMA G-10) is a glass fabric combined with a halogen-free epoxy resin system.