Test Fixture

Test equipment requires fixtures to hold test probes in place during the test process. Dimensional stability is critical to ensure that the sensor pins obtain an accurate reading. And the application sometimes require materials with static dissipation ability, so we developed some materials with ESD properties.


CJ825 is constructed of a woven glass fabric combined with a high temperature, easy machining epoxy resin.


NP130HF (NEMA FR-4) is a glass fabric epoxy composite that is a lower resin content version of NP130.


NP510A (NEMA FR-4) combines a woven glass fabric and an epoxy resin laminate (Tg approximately 130°C) that contains bromine.


NP600 is paper phenolic product designed for use as drill entry material for the manufacture of printed circuit boards. 


NP605 is a paper phenolic sheet used as a drill-backer material. A non-NEMA economy grade, the product is used in jigs and templates.