Norplex-Micarta is the leading producer of Thermoset composite Pre-pregs, Laminates, Tubes, and specialty shapes in North America. Thermoset composites derive their unique properties due to the materials from which they are manufactured. Composites are, at a minimum, a combination of two distinct materials: the resin matrix and the substrate. These two materials work together to meet the needs of any particular application.


To begin your search: chose either resin, substrate, or form. Then, you will be guided to make additional selections until you have selected a specific resin, substrate and form. As you go, the range of choices will be automatically narrowed so that only existing Norplex-Micarta grades will result.


Once you have finsihed your selections, a list of Norplex-Micarta materials will be presented for your consideration. If you need additional assistance, please contact your Norplex-Micarta representative.


The resin matrix is the component of the composite that binds the substrate together. 


The substrate is chiefly responsible for the mechanical strength of the composite.


Thermoset Composites can come in many forms, such as: sheets, tubes, rods and pre-pregs.