Medical Devices

Norplex-Micarta high performance materials are a good fit in many types of medical equipment. Parts made from cloth substrates are quieter and longer lasting than many metal parts and do not require lubricants, which may not be allowed in sterile environments. In addition, thermoset materials can withstand the chemicals and temperatures used in the sterilization of devices. Applications range from stethoscope plates to static dissipative X-ray and operating tables and include coil components in sophisticated MRI units.


Standard offerings of thermoset materials are non-conductive, non-magnetic, high strength, and reasonably lightweight, making them suitable for all types of mobile medical devices. Norplex-Micarta also designs special composite materials that provide low attenuation features for use with X-ray units.

Low X-ray Attenuating Table Tops

Materials designed for use with X-ray machines.

MRI Coil Components

Materials for use in MRI machines.