The substrate is the component in the composite that is the reinforcement. The substrate is chiefly responsible for the mechanical strength of the composite. The substrate should be matched to the application to meet the specific requirements. For instance, in bearing or wear applications, a cotton or linen based material is recommended over glass because glass is abrasive. Below are some of the substrates Norplex-Micarta utilizes in its composite materials.


Fiberglass comes in many forms. From woven to continuous filament mat, galss based substrates are used in electrical and high temperature applications.


Paper based grades are often used in electrical applications where the material can be punched due to its relatively thin requirements. Paper based materials can include covers of various color to provide a distinct appearance.


Cotton or Linen can be an excellent choice of substrate in both electrical and mechanical applications.

Exotic Substrates

Norplex-Micarta can incorporate many different substrates to tailor the composite products to the specific applicaiton. Carbon fiber, Kevlar and nylon are just some of the potential substrates as well as combinations of substrates.