Norplex-Micarta is the leading manufacturer of high performance thermoset composite materials. We work directly with customers to manufacture the highest quality specialty sheet products, pre-pregs, rods and molded shapes, and tubes to meet demanding composite applications for our OEMs and fabricators around the world.


Serving over twelve distinct markets and thousands of applications, Norplex-Micarta helps leading compaines around the world achieve their objectives. Moreover, Norplex-Micarta's ongoing product and application development teams work directly with customers to solve challenging problems.


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Norplex-Micarta materials provide excellent thermal insulation and mechanical strength, and are certified to meet the most challenging aerospace technology specifications. From braking systems, to window frames, to structural elements, Norplex-Micarta is the preferred high performance composites manufacturer for OEMs and fabricators around the world.


Norplex-Micarta products for construction projects are designed to ensure safety under the most dangerous conditions, from severe storms to forced entry.

Electrical Devices

Norplex-Micarta produces high performance materials with various properties for use in electrical equipment such as motors, control devices, and power distribution units. The materials offer excellent electrical insulation properties, high mechanical strength, low moisture absorption, and good arc resistance, making them suitable for a wide range of electrical voltages and environments.


Norplex-Micarta high performance materials provide electrical insulation for test fixtures for printed circuit boards, semiconductor vapor deposition chambers, hard disk drive lapping carriers, and solder and assembly pallets in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

Heavy Industry

Norplex-Micarta uses various resin and substrate combinations that allow thermal and mechanical performance to be tailored to specific heavy industry applications. These products have electrical insulation, thermal insulation, and thermal resistance properties, making them ideal for various applications including industrial gaskets and high temperature gaskets.

Medical Devices

Norplex-Micarta high performance materials are a good fit in many types of medical equipment. Applications range from stethoscope plates to static dissipative X-ray and operating tables and include coil components in sophisticated MRI units.

Oil & Gas

Norplex-Micarta products are suitable for pipeline gasket and pipe shoe support components of large-diameter piping transport systems. Thermoset composite materials are also used in piping for cryogenic insulation and support, and in cryogenic storage vessel and LNG carrier designs for thermal isolation.

Power Generation

Norplex-Micarta offers a full line of composite materials, all certified to meet the most demanding power generation industry specifications. The products have the unique ability to provide both electrical insulation and thermal resistance, as well as provide mechanical support in high temperature generators and transformers.


Norplex-Micarta high performance thermosets provide advantages such as sound deadening, corrosion resistance, structural strength and electrical insulation, thermal insulation, and thermal resistance. These advantages are often demanded by the transportation industry.